Sugar, Processed Foods, and Your Spatz3 Gastric Balloon

Sugar, Processed Foods, and Your Spatz3 Gastric Balloon
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While sugar can be the greatest guilty pleasure, its effects on your health can be drastic. It’s estimated that adults can intake 15% of their calories from added sugar alone! By reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods you eat, you can lower your risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Transitioning to a healthier diet will lead to your body receiving more vitamins and minerals and can even help you lose weight by cutting out added calories!

Here are some tips to help you during your journey with your weight loss balloon:

Take it one step at a time

Your weight loss journey can be tough, and cutting sugar out completely can seriously add to your struggles. By slowly eliminating sugary products from your diet, like cakes and cookies or sugary drinks, you can transition to a sugar-free diet in no-time. Remember, your weight loss results will be sweeter than the sugar!

Check Product Labels

Checking Product Labels To Lose Weight

Once you eliminate the apparent sugars from your diet, you can begin searching for the “hidden sugars” that are negatively affecting your health. Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, glucose, and fructose are all different sugars you can try and avoid. Quick tip – any ingredient that ends in “-ose” is sugar – always check the labels!

Avoid Artificial Sugars

Artificial Sugar Helps Lose Weight

While artificial sugars are a debate in the diet industry, they can actually trick your body into thinking you’re eating sugar, which will only make your journey to being sugar-free more difficult. By avoiding artificial sugars, you can drastically change the difficulty of transitioning to a sugar-free diet!

Plan Meals

Meal Prepping To Lose Weight

Without a meal plan, sticking to a diet can be difficult. When you’re hungry, you’re much more likely to reach for a sugary snack that will just add to your calorie count. An easy way to avoid this habit is to meal prep once a week so that you always have a healthy meal prepared for when you’re hungry. Remember, a nutritious meal is the greatest snack!

Add a Little Spice

Spices For Weight Loss

When you transition to a sugar-free diet, your palate can begin to miss the flavor of sugar. By adding some spices to your foods and drinks, like cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla, you can give your body the flavor it wants. Quick tip – you can never remove spices from your food or drink; add your spices slowly, taste as you go, and give your palate the taste it deserves!

The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

Here at Spatz, we believe taking the first step towards your battle with being overweight is super important, and cutting out sugar is a great place to start. While transitioning to a sugar-free diet can help in your weight loss journey, you can truly start seeing incredible results by maintaining a more holistic approach.

Our goal is to keep you happy with your body long after your balloon is removed. By working together to develop habits that will help you continuously drop excess body weight, we believe you will become a success story of the Spatz3 weight loss program. Remember to eat healthy, stay active, and keep up an overall healthy lifestyle!

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