Obesity, Immunity, and Your Weight Loss Balloon

Obesity, Immunity, and Your Weight Loss Balloon
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Whether or not you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, if you’re overweight there is a chance you are at risk of decreased immune function. In today’s world, our immune system is one of the most important bodily functions; a strong immune system means better defense against sickness and viruses.

In fact, severe obesity has been linked to increased risk of the H1N1 influenza, the common flu, among many other illnesses. Now, you may be asking yourself what can I do to get my immune system to function better? Spatz Medical has you covered.

The Science

When you get sick, whether it be infected with a virus or a bacterial infection, your immune system is triggered which causes inflammation – good inflammation! This reaction, which occurs when the proteins called “cytokines” are released from your white blood cells, allows for your body to defeat your illness. 

Recently, scientists have discovered that fat cells maintain a network of proteins and chemicals which includes the inflammatory protein “cytokines”. This means that if you have too much excess fat, your body is in a constant state of battling sickness, even when it’s not there..

The Consequences

Weight Loss Improves Immune System

With your body being in a constant state of inflammation, you can be at risk for a number of incredibly serious diseases. A weak immune system can lead to diseases like influenza, heart disease, and diabetes.

The Solution

Gastric Balloon Consultation For Weight Loss

Obesity, which causes Immune System deficiencies, leads to serious risks for your health. In recent scientific studies, bariatric surgery has proven to reduce the risk to your immune system caused by excess fat. While bariatric surgery isn’t the only option, ridding yourself of the unhealthy fat from your body can lead to serious improvement in your immune system functionality. 

The Spatz Adjustable Gastric Balloon is proven to help you lose weight and keep your weight off. With 83.7% weight loss success rates, the Spatz3 can reduce your excess fat and teach you healthy eating habits for an all around weight loss transformation. As the only adjustable gastric balloon, the Spatz3 is the most effective weight loss solution on the market. 

At Spatz, our goal is to get you feeling confident in your body while giving you the tools to keep you feeling the same way long after your balloon is removed. As one of the most effective weight loss procedures on the market, we are confident that by working together with your balloon you’ll be dropping excess body weight in no time. With over 70,000 successful balloon procedures as part of the Spatz3 weight loss program, what are you waiting for?

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon


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